Plastics and Rubbers



  • *NEW* Matting hardeners for low gloss TGIC system
  • *NEW* Matting hardeners for low gloss hybrid system
  • *NEW* Matting agent for low gloss HAA
  • Surfactants for metallic enhan cement
  • *NEW* non-yellowing Benzoin

Arkema Coating Resins and Additives, Molecular Sieves

  • Crayvallac® Micronized surface modifiers (PP,PE,PTFE)

Brilliant Group LLC

  • Melt in non-formaldehyde fluorescents
  • Low-plate out fluorescents
  • Liquid PVC colourants with better lightfastness
  • Phosphorescent, invisible fluorescent and thermochromatics

Chemours Canada

  • Zonyl® micronized PTFE powders


  • Degalan® solid methacrylate polymers for coatings, construction products, adhesives
  • Vestagon® crosslinkers for urethanes and HAA
  • *NEW Vestagon One Shot Matt Crosslinker for HAA
  • Vestoplast® 408 dispersing agents for very  high pigment loading MB


  • Carboxyl terminated polyester resins for Hybrid, HAA, TGIC, Urethane, Masterbatch, Acrylic and PT-910

JECO Pigment

  • High performance and classical organic pigments
  • Filter test according to DIN EN 13900-5
  • Heat resistance according to DIN EN 12877
  • Fastness to weathering according to DIN EN ISO 105-A02
  • Lightfastness according to blue scale DIN EN ISO 105-B02


  • Non-yellowing matting agent for hybrid *NEW*
  • Matting hardener for low gloss TGIC systems
  • GMA resins
  • Epoxy hardeners, 2-MI, DICY


  • Low gloss hardener for TGIC systems
  • Flow\leveling agents for all resin systems
  • *NEW* low gloss hardener for hybrid systems
  • “NEW” Crosslinker for HAA systems, exceptional DOI and Gloss
  • “NEW” acrylic resin for extremely high clears for exterior
  • “Retex” Texturing Agents
  • Flow Agents for Hammertone and Structure
  • New Snake and Wrinkle Finish agents

Kukdo Chemical Co. Ltd.

  • Epokukdo® Epoxy resins and curing agents


  • Micronized and non-micronized waxes including PE, PTFE, Amide, FT
  • Oxidized Polyolefin waxes

Hennan Billions

  • Titanium Dioxide


  • Sachtolith® Zinc sulfide
  • Sachtoperse®, new functional barium sulfate
  • Lithopone®, Hombitan®, Hombitec®, barium sulfate, titanium dioxide and extenders

Sino Polymer

  • MFE® Epoxy Vinyl Esters Resins for composites

Suqian Unitechem Co.

  • HALS, AO, UV absorbers

VB Technochemicals SA

  • Barytes