Janitorial and Sanitation

Arkema Coating Resinspdf

  • Encor® water based and solvent based concrete floor sealers, cure and seal


  • Capstone® fluorosurfactants for cleaners, floor care, floor polish formulations
  • Zonyl® micronized PTFE powders

DOW Canada

  • Walocel®, CMC, MC, cellulosic thickeners, water soluble polymers and other additives


  • Degalan® thermoplastic resins for solvent based sealers for concrete, paving stones

Genesis Biosciences

  • Evogen Microbial concentrates are a complete application-specific and performance-driven range of microbial products.  Evogen is  formulated to be Ecobenign ™ , designed to be eco-friendly,  yet still proven effective for enhanced cleaning, odour control, and waste treatment.  Evogen is available in powder, liquid and solid formats.  All Evogen microbial products are provided with comprehensive, scientifically validated and verified performance data.
  • liquid microbial concentrates for enhanced cleaning, odour control, and waste treatment
  • BEC – Multi purpose and custom formulated microbial powders
  • Bio Brick, Bio Block, Potti-Clean, Toss Block – Slow dissolving microbial solids


  • E-Cryl APE-free latex products for floor polish formulations and sealers, floor care concentrates
  • E-Cryl oxidized wax emulsions for floor polish formulations, sealers
  • E-Cryl opacifier, for light duty liquid detergent formulations


  • Polyurethane dispersions for floor sealers, concrete coatings


  • Polyurethane dispersions for floor sealers, concrete coatings.

NORTHSPEC CHEMICALS CORP – other fine raw materials.:

  • Benzyl alcohol
  • TBEP, d-limonene