Coatings and printing Inks

Arkema Coating Resins and Additives, Molecular Sieves

  • EnVia®, ENCOR® ,NEOCAR®, EVOCAR®, SNAP® specialty latex emulsions for coatings, construction products, adhesives & sealers
  • COAPUR®, RHEOTECH®, COADIS®, ECODIS® CRAYVALLAC® COROC®   rheological additives, dispersants, & surface modifiers
  • CHEMPOL®, MPS SYNAQUA®, SYNOCURE®  alkyds, acrylics, polyesters, polyols, epoxy esters for coatings
  • SILIPORITE®  molecular sieves
  • DIANOL® urethane polyols

Arnette Limited

  • Specialty/custom epoxy raw materials

Brilliant Group LLC

  • Specialty fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments

Chromaflo Technologies

  • UCD®, Chromacure® Colormatch®, Spartacryl PM®, AldeSol®, SynerMix, colorants & dispersions for coatings, urethanes & other systems.

Chemours Canada

  • Capstone® fluorosurfactants for floor care, coatings, adhesives, sealants, construction products
  • Zonyl® micronized PTFE powders

Dow Construction Chemicals

  • Walocel®, cellulosic thickeners, additives for construction products, coatings
  • Walsroder® Nitrocellulose resins for coatings and inks

Eternal Chemicals

  • Etermer, Etercure functional acrylic monomers & oligomers, synergists for UV/EB coatings, inks, composites
  • Eterac® resins and polyols


  • Degalan® solid methacrylate polymers for coatings, construction products, adhesives
  • Polyvest®, Polybutadienes/Derivatives
  • Vestamin® amines, IPD, TMD, A-139
  • Vestanat® isocyanates IPDI, H12MDI, HDI types
  • Vestagon® polyester polyols
  • Vestoplast® amorphous polyolefinic materials
  • Dynacoll®, Dynapol® polyesters for adhesives

Georgia Pacific

  • Phenolic resins for protective coatings

Huntsman Pigments

  • Sachtolith®, Sachtoperse®, Lithopone®, micro, Hombitan®, Hombitec®, specialty zinc sulfide, barium sulfate, titanium dioxide and extenders


  • PUD’s, oxazolidines and curing agents

Invista Canada

  • Terathane® polyether polyols for coatings, adhesives
  • Dytek®, specialty amines, DCH 99

JECO Pigment USA

  • High performance and classical organic pigments


  • Ammonium polyphosphate (APP), melamine, dipenta

Kukdo Chemical Co. Ltd.

  • Epokukdo® Epoxy resins and curing agents
  • KUKDO urethane polyether polyols, polymer polyols

LANSCO inorganic Pigments 

  • Ultrablue®  aquamarine pigments and iron oxides


  • Micronized & non-micronized waxes  PE, PTFE, amide, FT


  • organofunctional silanes

Pflaumer Bros.

  • TERASPARTIC®  polyaspartic amines, additives


  • CLASSIC®  complex inorganic color pigments

Suquin Unitechem Co.

  • HALS, AO, UV absorbers


  • Unsaturated polyester resins
  • Re-dispersible latex powders

VB Technochemicals SA

  • Barytes


  • Wanol® polyether polyols,
  • WANNATE® MDI based isocyante products

Northspec Chemicals Corp

  • Fumed silica, vinyl resins
  • Powder Coatings matting aids, crosslinkers,